Video: Man attempts to jump off Hyderabad flyover; saved by cop

Hyderabad: In a shocking video that surfaced on social media on Friday, a man tries jumping off LB Nagar flyover. However, he was saved by Constable T Sateesh.

The 37-year-old man was attempting to take his own life by jumping off the flyover. He stood at the edge, holding the railing of the flyover, threatening to jump.

In the video, the man is seen to be standing on the edge of the flyover and threatening to jump while a person who shot the whole act asked him to hold on and speak to the cop.

While the passersby distracted him by offering money, the constable sprang into action and tried to talk the man down.

Within a few minutes, the cop managed to get close to him and pulled him to the safe side, away from the boundry of the bridge.

Rachakonda commissioner of police, D S Chauhan, commended the constable for his quick thinking and bravery.