Video: Man dragged on car bonnet in Hyderabad’s Punjagutta; driver booked

Hyderabad: In a disturbing incident from Punjagutta, a man recklessly drove his vehicle into pedestrians and dragged a youth on his car’s bonnet on Friday, January 26.

In visuals that surfaced on social media, the driver who seems to be in a rush, drags a man on his car’s bonnet for a few meters in moving traffic at the Punjagutta Junction, opposite Smart Bazaar.

Passers-by chased the vehicle, with a yellow number plate, in an attempt to stop it, however, he kept moving ahead with the man hanging on the bonnet.

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The driver was finally stopped and thrashed by the people. He was then handed over to the police who filed a case in the matter.

The Punjagutta Police stated that sobriety tests were not conducted to determine if it was a case of drunk driving, however clarified the matter.

Here’s what led to the incident

The accused had taken possession of the vehicle he was driving via the Zoom App on October 25 last year. On failing to return it, the owner filed a complaint, and a case was registered and was being investigated by another police station. However, it was untraceable.

On January 26, the owner of the vehicle spotted his car at the junction and began to chase it. The accused realised that he had been identified and began driving recklessly to escape.

As the crowd caught up to him, the accused tried to abandon the vehicle, however, he was nabbed and thrashed by the people.

The accused also injured himself while attempting to escape.

Punjagutta SHO took suo moto cognisance of the incident and registered an FIR against the accused for reckless driving with danger to human life and number plate tampering. “The accused has been admitted to the hospital and received four stitches after he was injured while attempting to escape,” the SHO told