Video: MBT raises issue of contaminated water in Hyderabad’s Yakutpura

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Hyderabad: Four weeks after spokesperson of Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) Amjedullah Khan raised the issue of contaminated water in areas of Siddiqnagar and Khannagar localities in Talabkatta of Yakutpura locality, the situation doesn’t seem to have improved as residents of Azmath Nagar continue to face the issue.

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Explaining the condition, Amjadullah Khan tagged chief minister A Revnth Reddy on X and said that even after repeated lodging several complaints with the HMWSSB (Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board), no action has been taken so far.

He also posted a video of a tap running dirty water.

“@revanth_anumula Sir, Again today also same polluted water supplied to residents of H No: 17-2-91/8 Azmath Nagar, Yakutpura.Inspite of repeated request to @HMWSSBOnline no action is being taken to rectify the water pollution problem, This water pollution is being reported in SRT Colony, Azmath Nagar, Wahed Colony, Imambada, Reinbazar etc areas of Yakutpura Assembly Constituency. No senior Officer including @MDHMWSSB has visited this area in last 15-20 days to check water pollution, This is how our HMWS&SB is working….?” he wrote on X.

Amjedullah Khan, a day before this had tweeted about similar incidents where dirty polluted water was running from the tap in Masjid-e-Hazarim and Wahed Colony of Yakutpura.

“Not only the above said area but entire SRT Colony, Azmath Nagar, Wahed Colony, Imambada, Rein Bazar etc is getting pollution in drinking water and local residents complaints are not being attended due to which many citizens specially children’s are falling ill, I request you to kindly ask @MDHMWSSB to personally visit this areas and take necessary action to control water pollution,” he wrote on X.

HMWSSB reacts

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has responded in both instances with a similar message stating the complaint has been registered and action will be taken soon.

“Good Afternoon Sir, Sorry for the inconvenience caused Complaint with Token No: 2478 registered on 26.02.2024, is intimated to the concerned officials, @hmwssbgmom2 @dgmsantoshngr @hmwssbmgrmadnpt MADANNAPET area Manager to Rectify ASAP, Thank you,” HMWSSB responded on X.

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