Video: Telangana Congress’ ‘donkey egg’ ad targets PM Modi

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A new Lok Sabha poll advertisement released by the Telangana Congress on Thursday, May 2, targetted Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Centre alleging favouritism towards Gujarat, the home state of the PM and of neglect towards Telangana.

Portraying the PM as a king running the “Delhi Darbar”, the advertisement enacts the Congress’ claim of disregard and inattention towards Telangana despite the state contributing to the total tax collections of the country.

The advertisement is titled “Gadidha Guddu” (donkey egg), which represents “nil” in the Telugu language.

The campaign is in sync with the Karnataka Congress government’s “Chombu” campaign against the BJP-led Centre stating that it didn’t deliver funds meant for drought mitigation in Karnataka.

The video asks voters to teach BJP a lesson for its attitude towards Telangana and choose the Congress.

Telangana is going to the ballot on May 13, as per the schedule released by the Election Commission of India (ECI).

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