Videos: Hyderabad police frisk people in Old City

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Hyderabad: To curb the rising criminal activities in the Old City of Hyderabad, police have increased night patrolling and are frisking people to check for weapons.

On social media, many videos are circulating wherein cops are questioning people for being out on the road at night.

Hyderabad police increase patrolling in Old City for few more days

The drive to check criminal activities in the Old City of Hyderabad will continue for the next few days.

Apart from patrolling, police are ensuring that shops and business establishments close by midnight.

Recently, the cops issued a clarification on shop closing times after misleading claims went viral on social media.

It said, “The recent social media news making rounds that city police are closing shops by 10:30 or 11 pm is totally misleading. The shops and establishments will open/close as per the already existing rules only. Hence, the same may be noted by all.”

Netizens question cops’ behavior with children

Following the videos of police frisking people that went viral on social media, some appreciated the action of the cops. However, others have questioned the behavior of police towards children.

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Tagging NCPCR, one Twitter user wrote, “How can you allow Hyderabad police to misbehave with children this way? Prolonged policing of youngsters will affect their psychological well-being.”

Another user wrote, “Hyderabad Police, for their failure in policing, harass the general public. Here they are stopping teenagers on the street and frisking them. The routine frisking of people in chai shops, streets, and at the will of police is a failure of the rule of law.”

Though police are conducting the drive to curb crime, the action is being criticized by many people online.

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