Viral photo of Telangana man dialing cops to ‘order beer’ is fake

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An image of a 22-year-old man hailing from Telangana dialing 100 to order beer has gone viral on various Telegram groups. However, the image is not recent as it’s claimed to be.

According to The Quint, the viral image is from September 2013. It shows a collage of police personnel (it is not clear which state police they belong to) and an illustration of a policeman talking on a phone.

News report two years old

“22-year-old Telangana man booked for dialling 100 and ordering chilled beer. He later argued that police are public servants,” says the image.

Although the news is true, but the time of incident is not. The incident happened in May 2022.

A 22-year-old man J Madhu hailing from Vikarabad district, drunk dialed the Daulatabad police and alleged he was under attack. When police personnel reached the spot, they were shocked to see the Madhu in an inebriated condition. He argued that police are public servants who should be addressing the needs of the people and bringing him beer is also a ‘need’.

You can read the report here.

Image ten years old

A reverse image search pointed to a September 2013 news report by India TV whose headline read: Two policemen killed in accident in Junagadh district

District Junagadh falls in Gujarat. Hence, the image of police personnel in the viral image is from Gujarat and not Telangana as the photo is claimed.

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