Watch: ’11pm ke baad nahi dikhna warna…’, Hyderabad police warn traders

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Hyderabad: A video of the Hyderabad police reportedly threatening traders with lathi charge has surfaced on social media leading to outrage among citizens who have questioned the “friendly policing” style of the city cops.

In a video that surfaced on social media platform X on Monday, June 24, the Hyderabad police are seen using loudspeakers, mounted on autorickshaws, to threaten traders to shut down establishments by 11 pm.

The video is reportedly from Old City’s Bahadurpura where the police threatened traders to shut shops by 11 pm or be prepared to be thrashed.

11 ke baad idhar dikhna ich nahi. Agar dikhey toh maar khatey. Lathi charge kardetey. No friendly police. Lathicharge police. Theek hai? 11 ke baad no open. (Don’t be outside in this area post 11 pm. If you are spotted, you will be thrashed, lathi-charged at),” an officer can be heard making the announcement.

A police vehicle is also seen stopping by the side of the road, urging traders to shut down.

The cop, making the announcement, was referring to the Telangana police’s self-proclaimed title of “people-friendly police” which is reflected by their catchy caller tune.

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The police have reportedly been moving around in parts of the Old City making such announcements and on occasions have charged citizens gathered at restaurants late at night.

They have increased security measures in the city and intensified night patrols following multiple reported murder cases over the last few days. They have also increased frisking and traffic checks in the twin city.

The police have resorted to using force against residents, particularly young people, who are found loitering on the streets or conducting raids on hotels operating after hours.

The tactics used by the police to “curb crime” have been questioned by activists on multiple occasions. Operations such as Mission Chabutra, cordon and search, and increased CCTV surveillance have faced criticism from activists. They have accused the police of invading their privacy and discriminating against certain groups of citizens.

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