Watch: Hyderabad welcomes Mohammed Siraj with marfa music, fireworks

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj received a grand welcome from the cricket fans in Hyderabad after he landed in the city on Friday, July 5, following Team India’s ICC T20 World Cup victory.

Fireworks, patriotic songs, marfa music on loudspeakers and elated fans welcomed the 30-year-old pacer after he announced his road show on social media a day earlier.

On Thursday, Mohammed Siraj along with the world champions reached Delhi where Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted them for breakfast. Later that day, the team reached Mumbai where the victory parade awaited them. An enormous gathering of people came together to demonstrate their overwhelming support for the Indian cricket team, over their remarkable feat, bringing pride and joy to the entire nation.

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Following their meeting with the PM, Mohammed Siraj shared a photograph on his X handle and wrote, “A moment of pride. Thank you Sir for your kind words and always motivating us. We will continue to work hard to make the India flag fly high. Jai Hind.”

Upon Mohammed Siraj’s arrival at Shamshadabad airport, a wave of excitement swept through the waiting crowd as fans erupted into loud cheers, shouting Siraj’s name with fervour.

A vibrant roadshow, starting from Sarojini Devi Hospital in Mehdipatnam and culminating at Eidgah Ground, drew a massive crowd of enthusiastic fans. Mohammed Siraj, a prominent bowler for Team India during this season, made a grand entrance by emerging from the sunroof of his car. Decked with a medal around his neck, he warmly greeted the cheering crowd.

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