Watch: Iqbal Patni recites poem at fashion show presented by Gaurang Shah

Hyderabad: At a fashion show that was held recently and presented by textile designer Gaurang Shah, Hyderabad-based poet Iqbal Patni recited a poem whereas veteran actress Tabu was the showstopper.

The poem titled ‘Aurat’ was dedicated to women. The verses are about the various roles that a woman plays during his lifetime and her role in the society.

The show which was organized on the occasion of the National Handloom Day also saw the actress showcasing Telangana handloom textiles.

National Handloom Day

It is celebrated on August 7 every year to highlight the contribution of handloom sector in India’s socio-economic development.

The first National Handloom Day was celebrated on August 7, 2015.

The date August 7 is selected for the handloom day as it was the day when Swadeshi Movement was launched in 1905.