Watch: Panic prevails at Hyderabad’s Bahadurpura as building is on verge of collapse

Hyderabad: A four-story under-construction building in Bahadurpura, Hyderabad, is on the verge of collapse, causing panic in the locality.

Sensing the risk, local residents residing near the building have been shifted to a safe place due to the threat of the building collapsing.

Some of them have been left with no option but to spend their nights on the footpath in the locality.

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According to the details, the building is situated in a lane near Bahadurpura police station, Hyderabad. The construction of the building was reportedly carried out without seeking the necessary permissions from the concerned authorities.

The foundation of the building became weak during construction activity in the cellar. The building now faces the imminent risk of collapse.

Upon receiving this information, GHMC officials and the police reached the spot and are making arrangements to demolish the building.