Watch: US Consulate in Hyderabad celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi

Hyderabad: The US Consulate in Hyderabad is celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi by crafting eco-friendly clay idols within its premises at Nanakaramguda.

In a video shared on the official Twitter account of the US Consul General in Hyderabad Jennifer Larson, officials can be seen making Ganesh idols from clay.

Extending her wishes for the festive occasion, Larson said, “Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all our friends from all of us here at the US Consulate General in Hyderabad. As the festive season begins, we wish you happiness and prosperity in the times ahead.”

Ganesh festival in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, the Ganesh festival commenced today. Earlier, the city police issued a list of dos and don’ts for the public.

Instructing the public to dial 100 in case of any emergency, the police issued eight precautionary measures. They are

  1. No idol shall be installed on public road pavement, etc. The temporary mandap should be prepared using good quality material.
  2. Playing of loud music in Ganesh pandals shall not be permitted, so that there is no disturbance to neighbours/students/people who are unwell.
  3. Mandap shall not be used as a place for drinking alcoholic beverages, gambling, or any other unlawful and anti-social activities. Use of loudspeaker should not be permitted after 10 pm.
  4. To safeguard the Ganesh Mandap/Idol and other articles, a minimum of three volunteers at any point of time shall be available round the clock at the Pandal. The names of the volunteers should be entered in the book maintained at the Ganesh Mandap.
  5. The required number of volunteers shall be made available to maintain queues of the devotees who visit Ganesh mandap for darshan etc.
  6. Conditions imposed by the TSSPDCL shall be compiled with
  7. No serial lighting, decoration lighting or other decorations shall be made out side the Ganesh mandap.
  8. No luck dips or lotteries or corrective collection of funds shall be allowed in the name of Ganesh mandap.

Book visa appointment at US Consulate in Hyderabad, other cities within 365 days

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in India has reminded visa applicants that those seeking appointments at the US Consulate in Hyderabad or other locations have 365 days from the date of payment to schedule an appointment before the payment expires.

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The notice also clarified that the interview itself does not need to occur within 365 days, but the appointment must be scheduled in the system, even if it is for months into the future.