Watch: Worm found inside chocolate bought at Hyderabad metro station

Hyderabad: A quick treat amid commute turned into a nightmare for a metro goer in Hyderabad when he found a worm crawling on his store-bought chocolate at an interchange.

Robin Zaccheus, an activist, shared a video of the worm crawling on a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate he brought off a Ratnadeep at the Ameerpet metro station in Hyderabad.

β€œIs there a quality check for these near to expiry products? Who is responsible for public health hazards?” questioned Robin on X.

He also shared a photo of the bill for his purchase at the metro interchange station in Hyderabad, from the Ratnadeep Store and tagged the GHMC for an answer.

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Following his complaint, the GHMC took immediate cognisance and directed the concerned food safety team to resolve the issue at the earliest.

Several X users reacted to the video and shared their experiences with store-bought packed items at metro stations and other locations, including the airport in Hyderabad. They also urged the activist to file a consumer complaint.

The Ameerpet metro station is bustling with commuters who often stop for a quick bite or treat from a large number of stalls at the interchange. Some to purchase groceries or clothing among other things. However, such incidents often raise questions over the quality check of products put up for sale at metro stations in Hyderabad.