What is black fungus? Know what Dr Maqdoom Mohiuddin says

Hyderabad: Mucormycosis, which is sometimes termed as black fungus, is a serious fungal infection, found generally in people with less ability to fight infection. The cases of black fungus infection continue to rise in India.

In order to raise awareness among the people, Dr. Maqdoom Mohiuddin, director of BiBi Amina Hospital explained everything about the infection.

He said that the infection is usually found in people whose immunity has weakened. Such persons include diabetes patients, individuals who have undergone transplant, cancer patients.

Speaking about the reason for rising in infection cases among persons who have recovered from COVID-19 recently, he said that both the disease and the steroid given during its treatment weaken immunity.  

As patients who are quarantined in the home are also getting infected with the black fungus, he said that the variant of coronavirus that is prevailing during the second wave of pandemic is also responsible for the infection.

About the treatment of the infection, he said that early diagnosis plays a key role. He asked people to be alert and consult a doctor immediately if they feel pain or any irregularity on face.