Why more people are including dry fruits in diets after outbreak of pandemic?

Hyderabad: Ever since the outbreak of pandemic, people are changing their diet preference and including healthier options to increase their immunity. They have become more health conscious.

Although traditionally people have relied on dry fruits to maintain certain immunity towards ailments, now doctors are reiterating the importance of having good balanced diet which includes nuts, berries to strengthen one’s immunity.      

As it is open secrets that dry fruits like almond, cashews, figs play key roles in boosting immunity, their demand has increased drastically. 

Dry fruits also help in losing weight, keeping skin healthy, maintaining heart rate etc. Lesser known to many, it is beneficial in fighting both stress and depression.

Pure Ghee is not only a good source for healthy fats but also helps improve the digestive system. Apart from anti-inflammatory properties, it also strengthens immune system and helps reduce bad cholesterol.

“We have seen a spike in sales since the outbreak of pandemic as our customers are ordering regularly compared to only festive buying earlier. Our sales increased by around 35% in the last quarter alone” says Syed, the founder of Binge Foods an online store which specializes in dry fruits, Panjeeri Ladoo & Spices.

He further said, “Our customer base has never been so consistent in ordering dry fruits every month. The best-selling product that we have seen since the pandemic has been Almonds, Figs, Walnuts, Cashews. The orders for these products are coming from various parts of the country. We have even sent packages to locations as far as Srinagar”

Why more people are including dry fruits in diets after outbreak of pandemic?
Why more people are including dry fruits in diets after outbreak of pandemic?
Binge Foods
Binge Foods

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