Will AIMIM lose Nampally seat to Feroz Khan in Telangana Polls?

Hyderabad: All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) currently has seven MLAs in Telangana, and one of them is Jaffar Hussain from the Nampally Assembly constituency. As the state gears up for the polls, a survey predicts who will win the assembly seat, either the AIMIM candidate or Congress’ Feroz Khan.

The survey, conducted by Lok Poll, predicts that AIMIM will lose the seat in the upcoming assembly polls.

‘Feroz Khan will win the Nampally seat,’ predicts Lok Poll survey

According to the survey, Congress’ Feroz Khan is expected to win the Nampally seat in the upcoming assembly polls in Telangana. The party’s vote share is projected to increase to 46.17 percent, as per the survey.

In the constituency, AIMIM is expected to receive a vote share of 33.59 percent, while the BJP and BRS are projected to get 2.42 and 10.82 percent of the vote shares, respectively.

Reasons for Jaffar Hussain losing seat

Although AIMIM has not released the list of candidates for the upcoming assembly polls in Telangana, the survey claims that Jaffar Hussain, the current MLA of the Nampally constituency, will lose the elections to Feroz Khan.

The survey highlights the reasons behind the probable outcome of the polls in the constituency. The first reason cited is ‘high anti-incumbency against AIMIM MLA.’

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Other major reasons cited by the survey include the ‘gradual and steady shift of minorities towards INC,’ ‘sympathy in favor of INC candidate Feroz Khan,’ and ‘AIMIM-BJP-BRS relationship rumors.’

Although the pre-poll survey reveals the expected outcome of the elections, nothing can be certain until the results of the Telangana Assembly polls are released.