Will fight for graduates’ rights if selected on MLC seat: Prof Anwar Khan

Hyderabad: “The politics in India is synonymous with corruption and mismanagement. People consider 98% politicians as corrupt who work for their own interests,” Prof. Anwar Khan, a well educationist said during an interview to a local daily.

Prof Khan has filed his nomination for the Graduate seat from Mahbubnagar, Rangareddy and Hyderabad.  He spoke in detail how the politicians take the people including the educated youths for a ride once elected. “There are lakhs of graduates who are unemployed and there is no one to speak on their behalf and raise their issues and create job opportunities for them,” Prof Khan said.

Prof Khan, who is active in social service since his school days, is a well-known educationist, a social activist and member of multiple socio-religious organizations. He has proved his mettle as an able administrator during his long career.

“I am against injustice, communalism, bias and prejudice in politics.  Last time 32 candidates contested election from this seat including TRS, BJP and Congress.  The BJP candidate won this election mainly due to the non-participation of the Minority graduates in this contest,” Prof Khan said.

This graduate constituency has 40 lakhs graduates out of its total population of  1.75 crores. In 2014-15 the number of graduate voters was 2.5 lakhs.  This time there would be around 8 lakh graduate voters in this constituency.

Prof Khan, who had worked for more than 36 years in Anwarul Uloom College as a lecturer and administrator, want to stop the exploitation of the graduates by the politicians and ensure job opportunities for them.

Prof Khan, a multi-linguist who can speak Urdu, Telugu, Hindi and English fluently, is facing formidable opponents from the powerful political parties in this election.  “I am getting more and more graduates’ support in this election. I want to inculcate entrepreneurship spirit among the educated youths and pave way for them to start their own business.  I  would ensure that government employment schemes concerning the educated youths are implemented with simplified procedures.  I want to work for all the graduates and educated youths irrespective of caste, creed or religious considerations,” Prof Khan said.