Will show BJP’s strength if KCR bans Bajrang Dal: Bandi Sanjay

Hyderabad: Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party president and Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Thursday warned the K Chandrasekhar Rao government of ‘severe repercussions’ if it takes any decision to ban Bajrang Dal in the state.

Addressing the OBC Conclave of the BJP held at Nagole here, Sanjay said he had come to know that the KCR government was contemplating imposing a ban on Bajrang Dal after discussing it in the state cabinet. “Do we keep quiet if such a decision is taken? We shall show our real strength and pull down KCR from power,” he said.

Stating that not a single Muslim in Telangana had ever demanded a ban on Bajrang Dal, the BJP president said the organisation had never instigated violence but was ‘working only for the spreading of Hindu Dharma’. “Yet, the Congress and the BRS are vying with each other to ban Bajrang Dal. KCR is conspiring to take the lead in this regard much before the Congress makes the promise in the elections,” he said.

Calling upon the BJP workers to launch a massive agitation if the KCR government bans Bajrang Dal, Sanjay cautioned that the government ‘might even resort to arrests if people raised the Bharat Mata Ki Jai slogan’ and foist cases if they chanted “Jai Sriram.”

The BJP president reiterated that his party was never against Muslims. “In fact, it was the BJP which spoke about the economic uplift of the Muslims and abolished Triple Talaq system to respect the sentiments of Muslim women. On the other hand, the Congress, the BRS and the AIMIM have opposed the abolition of Triple Talaq,” he reminded.

He said Muslims should pull up KCR for ‘neglecting’ the Old City of Hyderabad, which was lagging behind in development. “The BRS and the MIM were portraying the BJP as anti-Muslim only to garner Muslim votes. They should give answers to the questions raised by me on the injustice done to the Muslims,” he demanded.

Sanjay said the OBC Conclave was not against ‘any other community or caste’ but was opposed to only the KCR family and the Congress policies. He pointed out that the KCR government had done a lot of injustice to the OBCs, like the denial of 10 percent quota to the economically weaker sections for two years. “While Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given a lot of importance to the OBCs like induction of 27 OBC leaders in the cabinet and making Dr Laxman as the BJP Parliamentary Board member, KCR had insulted OBC leaders like Prof Jayashankar, Konda Laxman Bapuji and Guda Anjayya,” he pointed out.

He also accused KCR of denying due share to the OBCs in political power and confining them to ‘accepting freebies like sheep, cattle and fish’. “Only three OBCs were given berths in the KCR cabinet. He failed to complete the BC Atma Gourava Bhavans, while constructing Secretariat and Pragati Bhavan with hundreds of crores of rupees,” he criticised.

Sanjay announced that the BJP would organise a huge public rally in Hyderabad in the name of “BC Sankhaaravam” with lakhs of people demanding that the government provide all facilities to the OBCs including implementation of BC Bandhu scheme. “Let us wait for five months. We shall put an end to this demonic and dynastic rule of KCR and bring about the regime of the poor people,” he asserted.