Women to compete as hairdressers with men

Hyderabad: Time and again the women proved that they can compete with men in any field from needle manufacturing to flying airplanes. They are contributing in large numbers joining shoulder to shoulder with men for nation building. They are everywhere in education, government jobs, the army, and other fields.

Women have traditionally performed the duties as a homemaker for ages raising the children and taking care of the household responsibilities.

A woman hairdresser giving haircuts to men and children is still not a common sight yet across the country.

Kotwal Lonia of Siddipet married Srinivas 13 years ago. Due to the financial difficulties, Srinivas trained her as a hairdresser. This couple is a great fan of the local MLA of Siddipet Dr. T Harish Rao, the Telangana Finance and Health Minister.

On November 25 the couple opened “Harish Anna hair cutting salon” at Siddipet’s KCR Nagar where Kotwal Lonia is working as a hairdresser giving a neat haircut to men and children daily to generate income for her family.