Worm in Dairy Milk: Cadbury holds Hyderabad’s Ratnadeep store liable

Hyderabad: Cadbury India, now Mondelez India Food Private LTD, conducted inspections and issued an official response after a consumer discovered a worm crawling inside a Dairy Milk chocolate purchased from a Ratnadeep store at Ameerpet metro station.

The consumer, an activist based in Hyderabad, Robin Zaccheus, shared a video of the worm crawling on the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

The activist questioned the Hyderabad supermarket and Cadbury for the worm in Dairy Milk, asking about quality checks for near-expiry products and responsibility for public health hazards.

“Is there a quality check for these near to expiry products? Who is responsible for public health hazards?” questioned Robin on X.

Tagging Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Cadbury Dairy Milk, and the supermarket Ratnadeep, he shared a photograph of the bill for his purchase.

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In response to the post, with the video of the worm crawling on the Dairy Milk, Cadbury asked him to email them with his concerns so they could log the complaint and investigate further.

Responding to Robin’s email, Cadbury held Ratnadeep Retail liable stating that the retailer had “stored the product in the open and the hygiene standards in the outlet had not been kept” as per the norms printed don’t the back of each pack.

“Despite there being no manufacturing defect, as you were unable to enjoy the product (Dairy Milk) you purchased, we would like to hand over a product replacement as per our policy which we are sure will open to your liking,” added Cadbury.

GHMC also swung into action and responded that a food safety officer would be assigned to inspect the issue at the earliest. Robin reached out to the Food Inspector, Khairatabad, who advised him to submit the defective product to the State Food Laboratory Nagaram for further investigation.

The samples collected by the Assistant Food Controller, GHMC will also be sent to the Food Laboratory after investigation.