Worshipers face challenges at new Telangana Secretariat mosques

Hyderabad: Worshippers are encountering difficulties even after the inauguration of the new mosques at the Telangana Secretariat. The area around the Secretariat has strict security, so worshippers are not allowed to go to the mosque for the Fajr prayer.

In the days following the inauguration, people who wanted to pray at Fajr were stopped by the police, who said the mosque was not open yet. Videos on social media show worshippers being stopped by the police, but they were allowed to pray after senior officials stepped in.

There are also videos showing that there is not enough water for ablution before prayers, which is causing problems. The mosque doesn’t have a regular water supply. The government made a mosque committee with officials responsible for the mosque, but they haven’t started their work yet.

Muslims want to be able to use the mosque for all five daily prayers. The mosque is actually outside the Secretariat area, so there shouldn’t be security concerns. People want the government to make sure security lets worshippers go to the mosque for all prayers, including Fajr.

The government told the police not to stop people from praying in a circular.