‘You are questioning defence forces..’: BJP slams Revanth’s Pulwama remark

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Nizamabad: Nizamabad MP Arvind Dharmapuri on Saturday launched a scathing attack on Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy over his remarks aimed at the BJP regarding the Pulwama terror attack of 2019.

“First, Revanth I would like to suggest that you to not change the party again and again. The party you are in right now, tomorrow you will be or won’t be in it, its not sure. The party which you are in right now, when it was in power, there used to be bomb blasts, serial blasts almost every month. You could not do anything,” Dharmapuri said.

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Modi tried to gain political benefit from Pulwama incident: Revanth

Dharmapuri said that the questions raised by Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy on the Pulwama attack do not target the Prime Minister but question the defence forces.

“The way our forces entered Pakistan and destroyed terrorist camps is wrong? Did Abhinandan Vardhaman go there for picnic? You are not questioning the Prime Minister here, you are questioning the defence forces of India. They do not have little bit of nationalistic nature in them and they want votes to form a national government. Apply some brains before saying such things,” he added.

Revnath Reddy on Friday asked questions from the government over the Pulwama terror attack in 2019.
He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of trying to reap “political benefits” from the Pulwama incident after Indian Air Force carried out air strikes at a terror camp in Pakistan. He also raised questions over the air strikes.

The terror attack on a CRPF convoy killed 40 personnel.

“Modiji attempted to extract political and electoral benefits from the airstrikes after the Pulwama incident.

I want to ask him: What were you doing? Why did you let it happen? What did you do to boost the country’s internal security? Why did you not take the help of the agencies at your disposal such as the IB and R&AW? It was your failure. Nobody knows for sure if the airstrike, as was claimed, took place. If the responsibility of ensuring the country’s internal security was with us, we wouldn’t have left it in anyone’s hands,” Reddy said.

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