Zahid Ali Khan urges citizens to register for voter ID as last date nears

Hyderabad: Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of The Siasat Daily, has issued an appeal to the public, urging them to pay attention to the inclusion of their names in the voters’ list.

Highlighting the importance of this democratic right, Zahid Ali Khan has encouraged every eligible citizen who has turned 18 to ensure their name is registered in the voter list.

This step ensures that individuals can exercise their constitutional right to vote for a representative of their choice. It’s worth noting that possessing a Voter ID card is now mandatory for availing government welfare schemes in the country.

In preparation for the upcoming Telangana Assembly elections, the Election Commission of India has initiated the process of revising the voters’ list. This campaign enables the inclusion of new names in the electoral rolls and offers the opportunity for verification of existing names.

All citizens who will reach the age of 18 by October 1, 2023, are eligible to apply for inclusion of their names in the voter list.

The Election Commission has set a deadline of September 19 for submitting applications for name inclusion in the electoral rolls, with the revision process set to conclude by October 1.

To facilitate this process, the Election Commission has recommended that the public download the voter helpline app on their mobile phones and submit applications through Form 6 for name inclusion in the voter list. Overseas (NRI) electors can fill 6A for inclusion of names.

Alternatively, offline applications can be submitted in person with the booth level officer. Online application forms are available on the websites of the Election Commission of India and the Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana .

Zahid Ali Khan underscored the significance of voting as a fundamental right in a democracy, enabling citizens to choose their preferred candidates and governments. Those born on or before January 1, 2004, are eligible to have their names included in the voters’ list.

The Election Commission has streamlined the process of obtaining Voter ID cards, with new cards being issued within a month. Citizens can download the voter helpline app on their mobile phones, fill out the respective form, and complete the application using the OTP sent to their mobile number.

Individuals over 21 years of age must also fill out an age declaration form, which can be uploaded after completing the form. For those under 21, the age declaration form is not required.

After submitting the online application, a reference number will be issued, allowing individuals to track the status of their identity card issuance. Following field verification by the booth level officer, the voter will receive their identity card by post.

The Election Commission has also provided Form 8 for making changes to names, addresses, and other details in the electoral roll.

The draft voters’ list for Telangana was released on August 21, and a two-day campaign was conducted at the ward and village levels to address objections from the public. The final voters’ list is scheduled to be released on October 4.