2.7 Crore? SRK’s bodyguard Ravi Singh’s salary has stunned fans!

Mumbai: Getting a trustworthy and loyal bodyguard is nothing less than a blessing for celebrities. Salman Khan’s Shera, Shah Rukh Khan’s Ravi Singh to Deepika Padukone’s Jalal, these bodyguards of Bollywood celebrities have been continuing to serve their safety for years now. They ensure to follow stars like their shadow and have proven their loyalty in more ways than one.

‘Badshah of Bollywood’ Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom needs no introduction. Thousands of his ardent fans gather to get a glimpse of him when he steps out in public whether in India or internationally.

And so, it’s the job of Ravi Singh, SRK’s personal bodyguard to make sure that the superstar is well-protected when he makes public appearances. He has been shadowing SRK for more than a decade now. Protecting a star like him is undoubtedly a great task. But have you ever imagined how much is Ravi paid by the SRK to guard him?

Ravi Singh’s salary

According to the latest reports that are surfacing online, Ravi Singh gets paid around Rs 2.7 crores annually making him one of the highest-paid bodyguards in the Bollywood fraternity.

Other bodyguards of Bollywood

Besides Shah Rukh Khan, most other celebrities too have bodyguards who get a whopping amount to keep them well-protected. Ravi Singh is followed by Salman Khan’s Shera who reportedly gets Rs 2 crore per annum. Anushka’s bodyguard Sonu reportedly makes Rs 1.2 crore annually and Deepika Padukone‘s Jalal too earns Rs 1.2 crore.