Actor Siddharth clarifies support for Telangana CM’s anti-drug initiative amid controversy

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Hyderabad: Actor Siddharth has released a video clarifying his stance and extending full support to Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy’s initiative to combat drug abuse in the state.

The clarification comes in the wake of controversy sparked by Siddharth’s remarks during a press conference related to the movie ‘Indian 2’.

Addressing the media yesterday morning, Siddharth’s response to a query regarding social responsibility of actors led to misunderstanding.

He stated, “My name is Siddharth. I have been before the Telugu audience for 20 years. I collaborated with the government in united Andhra Pradesh from 2005 to 2011 promoting safe sex. My photo with a condom was used on billboards for this. That was me being responsible, not because a CM told me to do so.”

“If asked whether an actor already has a responsibility, I would say ‘No comments’ because I don’t understand that. Every actor is socially responsible. We act according to our conscience. If any CM requests us to do something, we will do it. No CM has told us, only if you do this, we will do something else,” he added.

However, later in the day, Siddharth took to Instagram to clarify the misunderstanding.

He posted a video reaffirming his support for CM Revanth Reddy’s efforts against drug abuse.

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In the video, Siddharth stated, “We are talking about zero tolerance in ‘Indian 2’ movie. Zero tolerance against corruption and zero tolerance against drugs. In a press meet related to the movie, while I was answering a question, some people have misunderstood it. I should immediately clear the misunderstanding. I completely support Chief Minister Revanth Reddy and Telangana government in the fight against drugs.”

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