Adil Khan finally confirms his Nikah with Rakhi Sawant

Mumbai: All is not well in the life of Rakhi Sawant who is known for entertaining her fans with humorous and chucklesome stuff always online. As the year 2023 started, personal problems in the most vocal and straightforward actress started discouraging her. Her mother is currently admitted in the hospital and her married life is also making headlines nowadays.

Rakhi recently shared a video of her marriage with long-time beau Adil Khan Durrani. The couple got hitched as per Islamic rituals as seen in the video and a picture of their ‘Nikah Nama’ (wedding certificate) surfaced on social media.

As per the certificate, Rakhi and Adil’s private nikah took place on May 29, 2022, but the actress shared marriage details with her fans on the 11th of January 2023.

After the video surfaced online, journalists and netizens started asking both Rakhi and Adil about their marriage status. Rakhi Sawant admitted that she is married to Adil but her husband was seen saying that he will not disclose anything about it for 10 days.

Yesterday, Rakhi was seen crying and netizens presumed that her husband Adil had left her. But finally, Adil ended all the controversies related to his marriage and confirmed his relationship with Rakhi on Instagram.

Aadil’s post reads, ”So here’s an announcement finally,I never said I am not married to you Rakhi Just had to handle few things so had to be quiet, happy married life to us Rakhi (pappudi) .”

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Relevant to mention here that the couple is living together for a long time now.

Rakhi is also facing flak becoming a Muslim as she has added ‘Fatima’ to her name. Her name is ‘Rakhi Sawant Fatima’, according to her marriage certificates.

Interestingly, Rakhi has also shared a picture of ‘Kabba’ on her Instagram stories. The picture was followed by a video of an evangelist too.  

So, the question is whether Rakhi Sawant has embraced Islam completely or not. While some netizens are relating the marriage with love jihad, others are sharing congratulatory messages with the couple.