Adipurush: Know how much makers spent to make the movie

Mumbai: Om Raut’s Adipurush has been hitting headlines since the launch of its trailer. The film is based on Hindu epic Ramayana. Since the making of Baahubali series, fans usually ask about the budgets of the film and if it is a magnum opus, film becomes a debate on social media. As popular VFX experts were part of the Adipurush movie, we will tell you in this write-up about the budget of the film.

Adipurush Budget

Adipurush is made under the T-Series banner and is scheduled to hit the theatres on June 16, 2023. It is reported that the magnus opus is made at the cost of more than Rs 700 crore! Yes, you read that right. The budget of the film is so big because a lot of modern technology was used to make the film look like what is narrated in the Ramayana. From VFX to editing and actors fees, the makers have shell out a hefty amount of money so that audiences can feel all those things whatever is mentioned in the book.

Image Source: Adipurush Trailer

It is said that the events in the Ramayana took place some 7,000 years ago and it was a challenging task for makers to make a movie based on such book. Reports and insiders in the T-Series productions said that everyone involved with the film has gone through more rehearsals than they do for any other film. From the cost of shooting to the actors’ fee, the makers spend a lot of money to shoot and edit every scene minutely. Given the massive budget, let’s quickly have a look at the staggering fees of the cast.

Actors Fees

According to a report in Spotboye, Prabhas has reportedly charged Rs 150 crore for Adipurush.  Yes, Prabhas, who is currently popular all over India especially for playing roles which have historical touch has charged Rs 150 crore to play the lead role in the movie.

The movie also stars Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan who has reportedly charged Rs 12 crore for his villainous role thus making him one of the highest-paid antagonists in Bollywood. The female lead in the movie is played by Kriti Sanon, and it is reported that she has taken the amount of Rs 3 crore from makers to play her role. Sunny Singh , who has played the role of Prabhas’ younger brother in the movie, has charged close to Rs 1.5 crore to play his role.

The movie has landed into controversy as most of the Hindu wing organisations and politicians are seeking ban on the movie. Those who seek a ban cite that makers have hurt religious sentiments. Well, let’s see how the movie will perform at the box office.