Allu Arjun gives a sneak peek from the sets of ‘Pushpa 2’

Mumbai: Actor Allu Arjun became the first Telugu actor to win the most coveted award for Best Actor at the 69th National Film Awards.

Allu Arjun’s career prompted Instagram’s global account to delve into the life of this Pan-Indian star and to raise a distinct buzz for the eagerly anticipated sequel ‘Pushpa 2’ on the international stage while capturing the first-ever glimpse of the movie.

The Official page of Instagram Global has arrived at the door of icon actor Allu Arjun and shared glimpses of the actor’s daily routine and from the sets of ‘Pushpa 2’.

They captioned the post, “Before heading to set, actor @alluarjunonline (Allu Arjun) needs a chillllll morning. Understandably. ‘Fans in India are different from the rest of the world. You have to see it. I can’t explain.’ Enter Ramoji Film City, located in Hyderabad, India. It’s one of the world’s largest film studio complexes and home to ‘Pushpa 2: The Rule,’ Allu Arjun’s latest action-packed sequel.”

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“The studio also serves as a regular hangout for fans eager to meet their hero before shooting. ‘They play a huge part of my motivation,’ says Allu Arjun. ‘It’s their love that makes me push my boundaries, and I want to make them really proud — like, more proud and more proud.’ Though his family has been in the film industry for three decades, and Allu Arjun has acted in dozens of Indian films, this is his biggest film so far. ‘If there’s one thing about Pushpa that I really like, it’s his never-give-up character.’”

This is the pinnacle of Allu Arjun’s international fame, and it’s what prompted Insta Global to get the first look at the Pushpa 2 The Rule universe.

Allu Arjun welcomed Insta Global to his home and gave them a tour of his lavish residence before showing them around his office. In addition to sharing a peek at his daily routine, he also discussed the value of family and his goal to amuse his audiences and fans by being dedicated to his work.

After that, the team stepped inside the realm of “Pushpa 2 The Rule,” where peeks from the sets showed how a global icon went from being a simple-living family man to taking on the tough and gruff Pushparaj character.

Prior to this, the director Sukumar discusses his interactions with Allu Arjun throughout the years and their collaboration on Pushpa.

With its recognisable dialect, compelling plot, and entrancing music, “Pushpa: The Rise” became the largest success phenomenon to sweep the country. Pushparaj, as depicted by Allu Arjun, went on to rank among the most cherished figures in Indian cinematic history. The audience’s anticipation for the debut of ‘Pushpa 2 The Rule’ has been stoked by this sneak look video, which is nothing less than a delight for fans everywhere.