Allu Arjun turns down Atlee’s project; Salman Khan in talks

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Mumbai: One of the most anticipated collaborations in Indian cinema, the potential partnership between Tollywood superstar Allu Arjun and acclaimed Tamil filmmaker Atlee Kumar has been called off. Following the massive successes of “Pushpa: The Rise” and “Jawan,” respectively, fans and industry insiders alike were eagerly awaiting the confirmation of this pan-India action entertainer. However, the talks between the two megastars have unfortunately come to a halt.

Allu Arjun and Atlee Kumar were in the early stages of discussing a project that promised to be a blockbuster. The collaboration, however, was never finalized, as clarified by a source close to the filmmaker according to Peepingmoon reports. “They were definitely in talks, but it was at a very primary stage, and the collaboration was never finalized as was being speculated in the media. Atlee is still working on the script and hasn’t locked anyone yet. It would have been great to see both of them teaming up on a massive project, but, as of now, Allu Arjun and Atlee’s film is not happening,” the source revealed.

Allu Arjun in talks with Atlee for next blockbuster after 'Jawan' success
Atlee Kumar and Allu Arjun.

While the film has no fixed production timeline yet, it is expected to commence in the first quarter of next year, contingent on the lead actor’s availability. Atlee has reportedly approached Bollywood superstar Salman Khan for the lead role, but discussions are still in their initial stages. 

Atlee’s next film is highly anticipated, especially after “Jawan” became Bollywood’s biggest box office blockbuster. The director’s reputation as one of India’s most sought-after commercial filmmakers continues to soar. 

Salman Khan’s Involvement

In a promising development, Salman Khan has shown interest in Atlee’s project, and an official announcement is expected soon. Sun Pictures is on board to produce this prestigious film, and both Salman Khan and Atlee are set to receive substantial remunerations. The shooting is slated to begin next year, following the completion of Salman Khan’s current project “Sikandar,” directed by AR Murugadoss. Scheduled for an Eid 2025 release, “Sikandar” is expected to wrap up by March 2025, allowing Salman to focus on Atlee’s film.

There were rumors in the South Indian media suggesting that Atlee’s demand of 80 crore as his remuneration led to the project’s cancellation. However, these claims have been refuted by insiders, who labeled them as “baseless conjectures.” The source emphasized that both Allu Arjun and Atlee Kumar share mutual respect and that the project’s cancellation was simply due to a misalignment in preferences and timing.

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