‘Almost drank…’: Hina Khan shares Ramzan fasting experience

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Mumbai: As the holy month of Ramzan unfolds, social media platforms are abuzz with videos and posts capturing the spirit of the occasion. From bustling Muslim markets to heartwarming Iftaar and Sehri gatherings, people from all walks of life are sharing glimpses of their celebrations and prayers.

Among those sharing their personal Ramzan experiences is actress and Bigg Boss alum, Hina Khan. Taking to her Instagram account, she recently shared a candid moment from her fasting routine. Reflecting on her journey, she recounted a close call when she nearly drank water while conversing with her mother.

“Was about to drink water from this bottle out of habit while talking to mom. She stopped me; it will take a few days to get used to Ramadan. Does this happen with you too?”

Her post resonated with many followers who shared similar experiences during the initial days of fasting.

In another post, Hina shared a reel on Instagram highlighting the temptation of food-related content during fasting hours, captioning it with a relatable question, “Has this ever happened to you?”

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Prior to these posts, Hina had also shared her preparations for the holy month, expressing her desire to read the Holy Quran with translation. She wrote, “Requested mom to get 30 individual para set of holy quran for me..it has transliteration with arabic text and roman urdu translation, FYI I can read arabic very well, wished to read quran with translation in english or urdu.. will try finish one para a day inshallah in 30 days.. bismillah wish me luck ramadan mubarak.”

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