Anand Mahindra applauds nine-year-old Indian-origin girl’s performance on America’s Got Talent

Hyderabad Desk

New Delhi: Business mogul Anand Mahindra recently found himself captivated by the stunning performance of nine-year-old Indian-origin singer Pranysqa Mishra on the famed reality show America’s Got Talent (AGT).

Known for his keen eye for talent and frequent commentary on social media, Mahindra expressed his admiration for Mishra’s exceptional musical prowess and poise on stage.

In a heartfelt post shared on his official X account, Mahindra highlighted the remarkable achievements of young talents of Indian descent on international platforms.

He praised Mishra for her rendition of Tina Turner’s classic ‘River Deep, Mountain High,’ which left both the audience and judges spellbound.

“What on earth is going on?? For the second time within the past two weeks, a young–VERY young–woman of Indian origin has rocked the stage at @AGT with raw talent that is simply astonishing,” he wrote, adding, “With skills acquired in indigenous American genres of music. Rock & Gospel. Pranysqa Mishra is just NINE years old. Damn, I had tears too when they called her grandmother. Yes, America’s got talent indeed. And a lot of it is coming from India…”

Mahindra’s admiration for Mishra’s performance was evident as he described being moved to tears when Mishra mentioned her grandmother’s dreams of seeing her perform on a grand stage.

Mishra, clad in a radiant purple dress, charmed the audience with her introduction and choice of favourite artists–legendary singers Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Tina Turner.

The video of Mishra’s AGT appearance, shared alongside Mahindra’s post, quickly gained traction online, amassing over 7,000 likes and numerous comments praising Mishra’s exceptional talent and confidence.

Commenters flooded Mahindra’s post with accolades, emphasizing Mishra’s captivating voice and the depth of her performance.

“Simply marvellous voice she had, and the level of confidence was literally mesmerizing. This confidence shows the true nature of a free spirit,” one commenter noted.

Another commenter reflected on the impact of Mishra’s rendition, “India is full of talent we just found some ways to show them to others.”

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