Another female contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss 17?

Mumbai: In the latest turn of events in Bigg Boss 17, the first eviction of the season bid farewell to contestant Soniya Bansal. All eyes are on who will walk out from the Salman Khan-hosted show next.

With focus shifting to the next potential elimination, a list of nominated contestants for this week is circulating on social media. As a per tweet by The Khabri, the current nominees —

  • Isha Malviya
  • Arun Srikanth
  • Sana Raees Khan
  • Neil Bhatt
  • Wildcard entrant Manasvi Mamgai

These names are per live feed. However, there’s no official confirmation on this development.

Soon after the names of the contestants went viral, fans started discussing about the expected contestant to leave the house next. Notably, Manasvi, who joined the show as a wildcard contestant just last week, is believed to have a longer stint before facing elimination. Moreover, the show’s creators might intend to retain Neil Bhatt due to his connections inside the house, especially with his wife Aishwarya.

Isha Malviya is also speculated to stay due to the brewing love triangle with Samarth’s recent entry, adding spice to the ongoing drama. Arun’s presence too being loved by viewers, thanks to his Hyderabadi flair. As a result, attention is now turning towards Sana Raees Khan, with many fans considering it might be her time to bid adieu to the Bigg Boss house.

While these predictions are swirling among the show’s followers, the final verdict remains up in the air.

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