Arbaaz Khan reveals why he chose to start career as villain in debut film ‘Daraar’

Mumbai: Bollywood actor-producer Arbaaz Khan, who was recently seen in the streaming series ‘Tanaav’, started his career with a negative role in ‘Daraar’.

One would wonder as to why the son of a legendary screenwriter (Salim Khan of Salim-Javed) and the brother of one of the biggest superstars of India — Salman Khan, would make such an unconventional choice.

Well, it was because the opportunities for Arbaaz, as he admitted, were very few and he was looking to dive into showbiz as early as possible.

The actor told IANS: “The opportunities were very less and there were only a few directors with whom an actor would have wanted to work then. Honestly, I was just waiting to start work.”

Arbaaz, who hosts the long-format talk show, ‘The Invincibles with Arbaaz Khan’ on Bollywood Bubble, further mentioned: “At the end of the day, I too had responsibilities, my father had such a terrific body of work, my brother (Salman Khan) was already a big star by then.”

He added, “So, it was important for me to take the plunge. In showbiz, you expect your break at the age of 21 or 22 but, once you’re in your mid 20s and you haven’t started working, there’s pressure on you to work, earn and deliver. So, I thought the film was good and the negative shade of my character did not matter to me.”

“So, it was more of a work call, I got the award in my very first film. I agree that for a long time I was typecast as an actor after that film but that also gave me work. Kaam karna important hai na (To work is all that matters, right?) And, I changed that particular image over a period of time”, he concluded.