Arun Mashettey mobbed, falls badly in crowd, video goes viral

Hyderabad: Arun Srikanth Mashettey, known for his entertaining stint on the show, received a warm welcome upon his return to Hyderabad. Hundreds of fans gathered at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport on Sunday to catch a glimpse of their favourite contestant.

A lively rally from the airport to Charminar was organized, attracting a massive crowd of Arun’s enthusiastic Hyderabadi supporters. Arun’s two best friends, Tehelka and Samarth, joined him for the celebrations, making the event even more special.

Following the rally, a grand fan meetup took place at Quli Qutub Shah Stadium on Sunday evening, where around 20,000 fans gathered to see Arun Mashettey. However, the excitement turned into chaos as fans swarmed the venue, eager to snap pictures with the Bigg Boss star.

In a viral video, Arun can be seen getting mobbed by the huge crowd, and his team and bouncers worked tirelessly to manage the situation. The overwhelming enthusiasm led to a challenging situation, resulting in Arun and his wife, Malak Mashettey, being pushed forcefully, causing them to fall amidst the crowd.

Arun, who reached the finale of Bigg Boss 17, finished the game in the 5th position. The ultimate winner of Bigg Boss 17 was Munawar Faruqui.