BB OTT 3: Sana Makbul’s photos with her boyfriend go viral

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Mumbai: The latest season of Bigg Boss OTT 3 is generating a lot of excitement, and one contestant, Sana Makbul, is at the center of it all. With a huge fan following, Sana’s game has captivated viewers, who are already dubbing her a sure finalist. However, it’s not just her game that’s grabbing headlines; her personal life is also under the spotlight.

From the moment the show started, fans have been shipping Sana with fellow contestant Naezy. The chemistry between the two has sparked a flurry of hashtags like ‘NaeNa’ and ‘Sazy’.

Amidst this budding on-screen romance, a Reddit post has gone viral, claiming that Sana is already in a relationship outside the house. It is being said that Sana is dating Srikanth Buredyy, a Telugu entrepreneur.

Sana Makbul’s boyfriend – @Srikanthbureddy
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Sana Makbul And Srikanth Bureddy Photos

Photos of Sana and Srikanth have surfaced, adding fuel to the fire. These photos, taken at Sana’s lavish birthday party on June 13, show the couple sharing intimate moments. Srikanth posted a video on Instagram featuring several pictures from the party, including one where he cuts a cake with Sana and kisses her on the cheek. The couple’s close bond is evident in the images. The comments under the post also confirm that Sana is indeed dating Srikanth.

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This revelation has led many viewers to believe that Sana should come clean about her relationship status to avoid hurting Naezy. Fans argue that transparency is crucial, especially as Naezy appears to be developing feelings for Sana.

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