Bharti Singh admitted to hospital in Mumbai, breaks down

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Mumbai: Popular comedian Bharti Singh, known for her infectious laughter and witty humor in vlogs and shows, is making headlines and this time for a different reason. She has been admitted to Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai after she suffered severe stomach pain. What seemed like a minor discomfort turned out to be a serious health issue for her.

In her latest vlog, Bharti revealed that the pain had kept her awake for three consecutive nights, and she hadn’t allowed her family to rest either. Her husband, Haarsh Limbachiyaa, stood by her side, sleep-deprived but concerned. Bharti’s initial assumption that it was a mere gastric issue turned out to be far more critical.

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However, medical tests later revealed that the stomach pain was because of stones in her gallbladder and not acidity.

Bharti Singh Breaks Down As She Misses Her Son ‘Gola’

Bharti cried as she missed her son, ‘Gola,’ terribly. In a tearful moment, she shared how everyone at home was taking care of him, but she longed to be there with him. It’s a sentiment any parent can relate to, the ache of separation, the longing for a child’s presence.

Bharti’s Vlog wasn’t just about her own struggle. She urged her fans to prioritize their health. Sometimes, we dismiss symptoms, attributing them to minor issues. Bharti’s experience serves as a reminder that we should always seek medical attention promptly. What seems insignificant might hide a more significant problem.

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