Big B praises ‘favourite’ Suriya: Such a delight to have met him again

Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has heaped praise on southern sensation Suriya and said that he is delighted to have met him again over a photo shoot for the Indian Street Premier League (ISPL).

The ISPL celebrity owners include Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Suriya, and Ram Charan.

Amitabh took to his blog to share a string of pictures with Akshay and Suriya.

He wrote: “The ISPL, as has been promoted and delivered in adverts is well on its way to fructification and all the owners and the members that are involved, were needed to be in immortalised picture yes, a photo cum meet shoot .. a very quick in and out between the evening hours .. with our friends and colleagues .. such a joy.”

He shared that he was explaining to Akshay, who is one of the owners, about the surgery on his hand.

Big B added: “Hrithik had done his shoot and had just left, to another engagement and we here were getting ready for ours. With yet another favourite, from the South – Suriya .. aah such a delight to have met him again.”

“And my extreme pleasure of sharing with him how greatly I admired that film song of his, on the film about Father and Son.”

He then went on to narrate a moment shared on ‘KBC’ when the Olympic Hockey Goalie came on the ‘garam kursi’ (hot seat).

“PR Sreejesh .. and the winning moment when he saved the goal and won the medal, the KBC edit cut back to his Father, watching the game at home, simply exulted with the success .. and the song from Suriya’s film .. AAHHHHHH .. played it a 100 times over and over again .. such an emotional moment .. and Suriya .. what an expression during that scene .. ufff .. can never get over it .”

He recalled: “PR Sreejesh as a kid had wanted to play Hockey, but because of his condition of lesser means never had a hockey stick .. he asked his Father to get him one .. but his Father could not buy even a hockey stick, because of their financial issues – did not have the money to buy it.”

After talking about the father-son bond of the Olympic Hockey Goalie, Big B shared that Akshay and Suriya disclosed that the ‘Khiladi’ star is working on the remake of ‘Soorarai Potturu” starring the southern superstar.

“So Suriya .. before me and I narrate what I went through during that KBC moment .. and Akshay listening on .. and now disclosing to me that he is doing the remake in Hindi of that film ..,” he shared.