Bigg Boss 17: Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan get candid about their special segment on show

Mumbai: As Arbaaz and Sohail Khan are all set to roast the contestants on ‘Bigg Boss 17’ in a special segment, ‘Just Chill with Arbaaz and Sohail’, they shared their excitement and also spoke about the current season.

Arbaaz told ANI, “I have been following the show and this time I watched more sincerely as have to be part of this special segment.”

Sohail added, “I am not a regular follower of Bigg Boss and this is the first time I followed it so seriously. Indeed, I am really excited as after so long got a good project which really seemed to me worth doing.”

“So, when I was offered this season, I was overwhelmed.”

How they look at the game of the contestants and Arbaaz said, “All the contestants are doing well and it will be too early to judge them. With time we will be able to assess them.”

Arbaaz shared that if he ever thought of hosting the show, “Salman(Khan) bhai is the best host for this show.”
Talking about his future project, he added, “My chat show is in the pipeline.”

Earlier, the promo showed both Arbaaz and Sohail reading a contract in which they are informed about hosting the show, while Salman Khan enters and tells them that he will be hosting on Friday and Saturday and they will be roasting on Sunday.

Arbaaz noted that it is specifically stated in the contract that they are not permitted to work on any other channel’s show while they are working on the show. “Humne bahut shows kiye hain na bahar ke channel ke liye (have we done a lot of shows with other channels)?” Sohail asks in a snarky reply. He continues by asking Arbaaz what their true role is on the programme, to which Arbaaz responds that they are the hosts. However, Salman approaches them and clarifies that Arbaaz and Sohail would be roasting the competitors on Sundays while he will be hosting on Fridays and Saturdays.

The three then ride a bike to the Bigg Boss stage, where they groove to the song “Just Chill”. Salman is informed by Arbaaz that Sohail was uncertain about his role in the show. He informs them that Salman gave them a call because, in terms of entertainment value, the show is the “number one.” Arbaaz continues, “The show does provide a great deal of entertainment value.” Sohail says, “Ye to kahenge hi, inhe aapke saath Dabangg 4 karni hai (he will say that because he wants to do Dabangg 4 with you.” Arbaaz asks Sohail, “Tujhe Radhe 2 nahi banani hai?” and Sohail answers, “No”.

‘Bigg Boss 17’ airs on Colors.