Bigg Boss 17 Elimination: Second contestant to get evicted is…

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 17 is getting more and more interesting with each passing day. Another much-anticipated Weekend Ka Vaar hosted by Salman Khan is here and fans are curious to know which contestant will walk home next. Soniya Bansal became the first contestant to get eliminated from the show last week.

Five contestants have been nominated this week.

  • Isha Malviya
  • Arun Srikanth
  • Sana Raees Khan
  • Neil Bhatt
  • Wildcard entrant Manasvi Mamgai

Manasvi Mamgai Eliminated From Bigg Boss 17?

Latest update has left fans in shock. Speculations were rife that Sana Raees Khan would be bidding farewell from the show this week. However, a twist in the tale has emerged with rumours circulating that Manasvi Mamgai, the recent wildcard entry, faced elimination, contrary to expectations.

Manasvi Mamgai, who entered the Bigg Boss house just last week, has reportedly found herself out of the game within a short span. Despite the widespread anticipation of Sana Khan’s exit, the unfolding events have defied predictions. While the news of Manasvi Mamgai’s elimination is buzzing among the audience, an official confirmation is yet to surface.

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