Bigg Boss 17: Hyderabad’s Arun to get eliminated from show?

Mumbai: Popular controversial reality show Bigg Boss 17 continues to keep fans on the edge of their seats and the latest nominations were quite interesting. The recent episode unveiled the names of five contestants in the danger zone for week 3, including Arun Srikanth from Hyderabad.

Bigg Boss 17 Week 3 Nominated Contestants

  • Sana Raees Khan
  • Samarth Jurel
  • Isha Malviya
  • Arun Srikanth Mashettey
  • Manasvi Mamgai

Fans Want Arun On Show

Arun Srikanth has captured the audience’s attention with his presence, adding a unique Hyderabadi flair to the show. Viewers, especially those from Hyderabad, are rooting for him to stay until the finale. His strong personality and game style have also garnered admiration from the show’s host, Salman Khan.

Fans and loyal viewers are eager to witness more of Arun’s journey on the show. Despite the nomination, there is a belief that Arun may not exit the show just yet due to his popularity and support from both the audience and the host. However, only time will reveal the final outcome.

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Let’s wait and see whether Arun Srikanth secures his spot or bids adieu to the Bigg Boss house in the upcoming eviction. What do you think? Comment below.

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