Bollywood superstar Salman Khan bitten by snake in his Panvel farmhouse

Mumbai: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was taken to a Mumbai hospital early Sunday after he got bitten by a snake. The actor was at his Panvel farmhouse when the incident took place. The actor was rushed to MGM hospital at Kamothe for treatment and he was discharged at 9 am today.

The snake bit Salman Khan’s hand, later the doctors confirmed that he was bitten by a non-venomous snake.

The doctors at hospital had administered anti-venom medicine and after a few hours of observation the bollywood actor was allowed to go back to his farmhouse.

Since first COVID-19 lockdown, Salman Khan has been spending his time at his Panvel farmhouse, which is named after his sister Arpita Khan Sharma.

Salman Khan had also shot song under banner “Bhai Bhai’ at his farmhouse last year.