Buzz: Ticket To Finale winner of Bigg Boss 17 will be…

Mumbai: As Bigg Boss 17 inches closer to its grand finale on January 28, the excitement among fans is reaching its peak. The ongoing and upcoming week promise to be the most thrilling ones of the season with only 8 contestants left in the game.

One lucky contestants will secure direct ticket to the finale, entering the top 5 finalists list.

Torture Task Details

The house is abuzz with the commencement of the race to the finale, featuring a highly anticipated torture task. All the contestants are divided into two teams.

The winning team will not only secures immunity from nominations but also will qualify for the coveted Ticket to Finale task.

Consequently, the loosing team will remain nominated and will face the fear of next elimination. The upcoming episodes will showcase these intense tasks, unveiling the first contestant to grab the Ticket to Finale and secure a spot in the top 5.

Bigg Boss 17 Ticket to Finale Winner

Discussions and talks among viewers and social media users regarding the potential Ticket to Finale winner are on. According to various polls and discussions online, either Ankita Lokhande or Mannara Chopra will grab this first TTF and will directly enter the top 5. It is being said that the favoritism from the makers will help Ankita and Mannara reach finale easily.

Only time will reveal who will emerge as the first finalist of Bigg Boss 17.

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