Can ‘Khushi’ pull Samantha and Vijay out of previous flops?

By Arsalan Nazir

Hyderabad: Shiva Nirvana’s recent release, Khushi, hit screens worldwide on September 1. This film is the second collaboration between actors Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha Ruth after Manati. Khushi is about an Army officer and a Kashmiri girl falling in love in the mountains of the Valley.

Post-theatrical drop, fans had been eagerly anticipating the movie’s opening in cinemas. After Samantha’s ‘Shaakuntalam’ failed lamentably, it’s not hard to guess that the director would’ve been skeptical about the success of the movie, as Vijay’s ‘Liger’ was also a failure in Telugu cinema. However, after the film was released today, fans expressed a strong positive feeling about the movie.

According to critics, Khushi can possibly be a big hit, as fans from different walks of life have all expressed the same kind of reaction to the movie. They are positively responding to the plot, cast, and music of the film.

A fan shared with the Google reviews that he enjoyed the movie till the end. He positively addressed the acting skills of both lead actors and said, “It did not seem as Vijay and Samantha were acting; it felt very natural. I’m very satisfied. Juxtaposing with the propaganda movies of today, he added. There’s no religious hatred shown in the picture. Thanks, producers, director, and all those involved.”

Additionally, when the film’s trade analyst, Ramesh Bala, was asked if Khushi’s performance at the box office could be a deciding factor for both lead actors’ careers, he answered, “I don’t think it will affect their careers as both have a good body of work. But it is a crucial film indeed after their respective flops.”

Deepak, another trade analyst based in Hyderabad, said, “I don’t think that an actor’s last film matters anymore. People have changed a lot now. It comes down to the content of the film, the packaging, and the overall appeal.”

The storyline

Viplav, an army officer, and Aradhya, a Kashmiri girl, belong to different castes and backgrounds. They fall in love and decide to get married against their parents’ will, and in the course of making it happen, they face hurdles. In the beginning, the relationship seemed very rosy and fantastic. However, soon after the marriage, things start to take a repulsive turn, and the relationship gets filled with jealousy, fights, and insecurity. Both face unwelcome consequences with a questionable ending after misunderstandings creep in.