Clarification on Shah Rukh Khan and Samantha’s film talks

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Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani, two of Bollywood’s most iconic figures, came together for the first time with the film Dunki. Their collaboration was eagerly anticipated and celebrated by fans and critics alike. Following the success of Dunki, recent rumors suggest that King Khan and Hirani might join forces once again.

Shah Rukh Khan, Samantha’s Collaboration On Cards?

In the glamorous and ever-dynamic world of Bollywood, the rumor mill often works overtime, out exciting stories that capture the imagination of millions. Recently, a particularly exciting rumor surfaced, suggesting a cinematic collaboration between Bollywood titan Shah Rukh Khan and South Indian sensation Samantha Ruth Prabhu under the direction of the acclaimed filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani. This rumor hinted at a potential blockbuster—an untitled action-adventure film with patriotic undertones. The very thought of these two superstars joining forces created a buzz that was hard to ignore. 

However, upon closer examination, this much-talked-about project appears to be nothing more than wishful thinking.

SRK shares experience of working with Rajkumar Hirani in 'Dunki'
Shah Rukh Khan, Rajkumar Hirani

Currently, Hirani is deeply engrossed in the creative process, focusing on scripting his next project. Speaking to Times Now, sources close to the filmmaker quashed the rumours stating that there are no ongoing discussions about any such star-studded cast as has been speculated.

On the professional front, Shah Rukh Khan’s lineup of upcoming films is impressive, to say the least. Besides “King,” he is confirmed to be working on “Pathaan 2” and “Tiger vs Pathaan.” These projects have already created a significant buzz, and the addition of a new big-budget entertainer only adds to the excitement.

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