Devoleena speaks out against claims of converting to Islam

Mumbai: The trend of trolling celebrities has gained momentum over the past few years in India and various stars are openly targeted on social media platforms. Whatever the TV or Bollywood actors do, hatemongers spread false narratives about them and recently Rakhi Sawant was attacked for marrying a Muslim man and embracing Islam. Rakhi is currently facing tough time as her mother is in ICU and she is also involved in a court case.

Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen also joined the band who is criticising Rakhi on social media for embracing Islam. The war on Twitter gained momentum only after TV actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee came in support of Rakhi Sawant. Devoleena recently got married to her gym trainer Shanwaz Shaikh who is a Muslim. After her supportive Tweet, a troll tried to attack her citing her own wedding and also mentioned Dipika Kakar Ibrahim.

After supporting Rakhi, one of the Twitter user while attacking Devoleena wrote, “He will do it, he will make you feel everything that could lead you to accept izlam and hate Idol worshiping, like dipika kakkar ibrahim.” After the user tried to attacked Devoleena, she replied, “I can say the same for you as well that you may supress your woman and make her do things which she might not like or agree. Analyse yourself before you judge anyone on the basis of a religion. There a lakhs of women all over in all religions who desperately need help. Help them.”

The arguments between the troll and Devoleena continued further and various other Twitter users joined them. Some came in support of the actress while others slammed her also for marrying a Muslim.

The troll further commented, “No I’m not like any Abdul I treat women in my family equally how many cases you need to see to realize that they trap H girls just to fulfill their needs and later they are treated like sh*tt.” Devoleena replied, “Not to forget APJ Abdul Kalam Sir. The way you treat women outside the house shows how you treat them inside. Actions speak much louder. Top of it i have seen such cases with Sunils & Sachins also. So this is all about Upbringing. Not religion. Soch badlo.”

The troll then mentioned, “Agree but have you seen any mus respecting Kalam sir the way the respect Osama bin laden ,hafiz sayyed ,owaisi etc no they don’t they refuse to go on Kalam sir funeral but did you see burhan wani ,yakoob memon funeral pics ? Lol aakhe kholo devo par ab kya fayda.”

Devoleena yet again replied, “Yes my in laws have huge respect for Kalam sir. They celebrate all festivals with me including ganpati, diwali, makr sankranti and so on. You people are not worried about me. Its just the outrage. I am an old soul and i hve my ethics and principles. Rest assured.”

Relevant to mention here that various actresses had changed their religion in the past to marry their love but nowadays it has become very tough for various Indians to live life according to their own wishes because of social media trolls. Earlier, Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim were also targeted. The couple got married in Hamirpur, UP on February 22, in a nikah ceremony.

It is also believed that Dipika Kakar changed her name to Faiza and embraced Islam to marry Shoiab Ibrahim.