Did Jr. NTR call in a body double for action sequences?

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Hyderabad: The anticipation surrounding War 2, the much-awaited sequel to the blockbuster film, has reached a fever pitch. Fans are eager to witness the high-octane action sequences promised by director Ayan Mukerji. However, amidst the excitement, the latest rumor has surfaced that actor Jr. NTR will use body doubles for his action scenes.

A popular Bollywood news portal recently suggested that Ayan Mukerji use body doubles for both Hrithik Roshan and Jr NTR in the film’s action-packed sequences. This sparked online discussions, with some questioning the decision and the actors’ abilities.

Jr NTR’s Commitment to Authenticity

Contrary to the rumor, NTR is committed to performing his action scenes without any body doubles. His dedication to work on heavy scenes was evident in his previous film, RRR, where he executed risky stunts himself. Now, as he gears up for War 2, he remains to play himself to deliver genuine jumping action on screen.

Jr NTR is charging BOMB for Bollywood debut, check here

Tarak is set to make his Bollywood debut with War 2. The film, produced by Yash Raj Films, pairs him alongside Hrithik Roshan. Their face-off promises to be electrifying, especially considering the portrayal of the negative lead. 

NTR will join the filming of “War 2” in the last week of April. The actor has set aside more than 50 days for the film’s shooting.

As filming for War 2 commences, fans can expect heart-pounding action, unexpected twists, and a clash of titans. According to rumors the storyline will continue from Tiger 3, leading up to the highly anticipated showdown between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan in Tiger v/s Pathaan.

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