Dilip Kumar charged 1L per movie in 1950’s; know how much other stars earn today

Mumbai: Indian film industry has been home to several talented actors over the years who have touched millions of hearts and ruled the silver screen for decades. Amid this is Dilip Kumar, who has been touted as the evergreen tragedy king.

Born as Mohammed Yusuf Khan, Kumar managed to fascinate one and all with his stupendous acting skills in his career of over five decades. He breathed his last on July 7 due to prolonged illness and was 98 years old.

But do you know he was one of the highest-earning celebs of India during his period?

According to reports, Dilip Kumar was the first-ever Bollywood celebrity to ever charge a six-figure amount back in the 1950s. While it may seem like very less in today’s times, back in those days it was a hefty amount!

Tributes pour in from across Pakistan for Dilip Kumar
Dilip Kumar (Twitter)

He made his Bollywood debut with Jwara Bhata in 1944, which went unnoticed. It was Jugnu (1947), in which he starred alongside Noor Jehan, that became his first major hit at the box office. He reached the top within a decade and reportedly became the first Bollywood actor to earn Rs 1 lakh per movie.

It has been a long time since the 1950s, so it is no surprise that the remuneration has skyrocketed as a meagre six-figure salary is not going to work in today’s time. Let’s take a quick look at how much other top Bollywood stars including Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and others are charging per film, according to various reports.

Bollywood actors and their fee per film

  1. Shah Rukh Khan — Rs 100 crore
  2. Salman Khan — Rs 50 crore
  3. Aamir Khan — Rs 50 to 70 crore
  4. Akshay Kumar — Rs 120 crore
  5. Saif Ali Khan — Rs 10 to 20 crore
  6. Ranveer Singh — Rs 50 crore
  7. Deepika Padukone — Rs 14 to 15 crore
  8. Priyanka Chopra — Rs 22 crore
  9. Ranbir Kapoor — Rs 20 crore
  10. Alia Bhatt — Rs 6 to 8 crore