Divorce should be celebrated more than marriage: RGV

Mumbai: Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma doesn’t hesitate from speaking his mind and being vocal about his opinions on social media. RGV often makes headlines for the social media posts or tweets that turn controversial and can be termed as ‘sleazy’.

Now, RGV defended Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao against trolls after they announced their divorce on Saturday. The filmmaker who worked with Aamir in Rangeela, wished him and Kiran a ‘more colourful’ life than before.

After the couple announced the end of their marriage, Ram Gopal Varma took to his Twitter to lash out at the trolls.

In a series of tweets, the filmmaker said, “If #AamirKhan and #KiranRao have no problem with divorcing each other, why the F…. should anyone else have it in the whole world? Trollers are trolling it in a stupidly personal way, whereas the couple are being personally professional!”

“Hey #AmirKhan and #KiranRao am sure u are doing whatever u are doing wishing well for each other and to have happier times in future for both ur own personal reasons which would be obviously known best only to u..So F __ the Trollers,” he added.

In another tweet, RGV said that divorce should celebrated more than marriage. He wrote, “I wish u both #AmirKhan and #KiranRao a very RANGEELA life much more COLOURFUL than before ..I believe that a divorce should be celebrated more than a marriage because divorces happen out of knowledge and wisdom …and marriages happen out of ignorance and stupidity.”

Aamir and Kiran had issued a joint statement and wrote, “We began a planned separation some time ago, and now feel comfortable to formalize this arrangement, of living separately yet sharing our lives the way an extended family does.” They also said that they will co-parent their son Azad Rao Khan together.

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Aamir was previously married to Reena Dutta. They have two children – son Junaid Khan and daughter Ira Khan.