Doctor attacks Samantha, actress issues BIG clarification

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Hyderabad: Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently made headlines with her post about hydrogen peroxide nebulization on social media. The controversy began when Dr. Cyriac Abby Philips, also known as “The Liver Doc,” criticized this kind of nebulization, saying it has harmful effects. He also criticized Samantha, calling her “health and science illiterate.”

In response, Samantha took to her Instagram to address the issue. She explained, “Over the last couple of years, I’ve had to take many different types of medicines. I’ve tried everything I was strongly advised to take, based on recommendations from highly qualified professionals and my own research as much as possible for someone like me.”

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Samantha clarified that she did not intend to strongly advocate for any treatment. She shared her experience with good intentions, knowing how expensive medical treatments can be. She emphasized the importance of relying on educated doctors for guidance. The treatment she mentioned was suggested by a highly qualified doctor with 25 years of experience at DRDO, who, despite his conventional medical education, chose to support an alternative therapy.

Reacting to Dr. Philips’ statement, Samantha suggested that he should address her doctor instead of targeting her. She acknowledged that Dr. Philips likely knew more than she did and believed his intentions were noble. However, she felt his words were unnecessarily harsh, especially when he suggested she should be imprisoned. Samantha noted that her post was made from the perspective of someone in need of medical treatments, not as a celebrity, and she was not making money from the post or endorsing anyone. She was simply offering an alternative treatment option for those who might be struggling with conventional medicine and seeking more affordable options.

Samantha concluded by saying it would have been more constructive if Dr. Philips had invited her doctor for a polite debate rather than attacking her. She expressed her interest in learning from a discussion between two highly qualified professionals.

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