Dubai-based Indian composer Niki Mukhi set to perform at Expo 2020

Abu Dhabi: Dubai based Indian composer and guitarist Niki Mukhi is all set to perform at Expo 2020 Dubai, the world’s largest cultural gathering. Niki Mukhi will perform along with other artists on October 8 and October 9 at the World Beats festival, to be held at Expo 2020’s Jubilee Stage.

The performance will feature original compositions inspired by the Flamenco harmonies, classical Indian ragas and West African rhythms, with a lineup of international musicians and special guests to be announced live on stage.

Speaking to Gulf News, Nikhi Mukhi said, “It is always an honor to be able to breathe life into our musical compositions in a place that is our home. We as artists are ultimately happy to build bridges between cultures and celebrate our progress through diversity and inclusion, and that is what Dubai Expo is all about.”

Schedule for Nikhi Mukhi’s performances

October 8, 2021 At 5 pm, he will be playing with Musical group-Beòlach from Canada.
October 8, 2021 At 6 pm, he and his friends on live visuals and with special guests.
October 9, 2021 At 10:20 pm, he will be going to share the stage with Pakistani singer, Arif Lohar.

Mukhi, an Indian ex-patriate born and raised in Dubai, resident of Jumeirah, took an interest in music at a very young age. He became acquainted with different kinds of music and was taught by his brothers Pavan, Praveen and Pritam.

Mukhi, along with his brother Pavan and friends, Raad Haider and Levent Ali, co-founded the social music platform Brapp, which enables artists and producers to connect and collaborate beyond geographic, musical and financial barriers.

Niki Mukhi has also composed several compositions for international plays in the UK and Spain, and has performed in more than 50 cities. He has also recorded scores for documentaries on BBC television and radio and has worked with leading jazz, flamenco, Indian, classical, electronic and pop artists around the world.

Mukhi performed the UAE national anthem on a slide guitar in the style of Indian classical music from the Taj Mahal, in collaboration with Expo 2020 Dubai to celebrate the UAE National Day in 2019.

His recent work includes a collaboration with Dubai Tourism in a live performance video featuring his compositions at sunrise on Dubai Creek, and a performance with Indian singer Sonu Nigam during a concert held at the Dubai World Trade Center Arena.

In the month of June 2021, UAE government  granted Niki Mukhi golden visa in the art and cultural category.

Apart from Niki Mukhi, oscar-winning musician AR Rahman’s all-women ‘Firdaus Orchestra’ is all set to perform at Expo 2020 Dubai. The orchestra is an ensemble of 50 women from 20 different nations from around the world who will come together and perform under his mentorship.

Firdaus Orchestra where women musicians of 23 nationalities from around the region come together & perform under the mentorship of Academy Award winner A.R Rahman at Expo 2020 Dubai.