Fact Check: Did Siraj call Shraddha Kapoor’s smile ‘cutest’?

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Hyderabad: During the Asia Cup in September 2023, Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor sparked fan frenzy with a playful Instagram story about cricketer Mohammed Siraj. Her post, “Ab Siraj se hi pucho ki iss free time ke saath kya karein (Now ask Siraj only, what to do with so much free time),” quickly spread across social media like wildfire and soon fans started shipping them.

Mohammed Siraj is now enjoying Team India’s triumphant victory in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 and he also received a grand welcome in Hyderabad post win. His joyous moments were captured in numerous pictures and videos circulating widely on the internet.

However, amidst the celebrations, a fabricated Instagram exchange between Shraddha Kapoor and Mohammed Siraj gained attention. A fan-made clip featured photoshopped comments supposedly from Shraddha and Siraj’s accounts, complimenting each other’s smiles. Notably, another doctored comment attributed to Virat Kohli humorously urged Siraj to focus on cricket.

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Fact Check: Mohammed Siraj, Shraddha Kapoor’s Alleged Banter

Fact-checking by Siasat.com revealed the exchange to be entirely fake, confirming that Shraddha Kapoor had not made any such comments on Siraj’s posts following India’s World Cup win.

The viral clip prompted fans to flood Siraj’s official Instagram account, eagerly searching for Shraddha Kapoor’s comment. Social media buzzed with humor and curiosity, with users jokingly asking, “Kon kon Shraddha Kapoor ka comment dhoondne aaya hai? (Who’s here looking for Shraddha Kapoor’s comment?)”

The incident highlights the fervor and creativity of fans in blending entertainment with sports, albeit in a light-hearted and fictional manner.

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